Geometric jewelry design and architecture

This tandem has existed for a long time, but at the same time it is unusual to see how architecture is used in jewelry design and fashion.

Adelina World has taken a step forward and released an amazing collection of jewelry.


Adelina World was founded by Adelina Amlinsky, a designer and jeweler who decided that now is the time for creative jewelry. Adeline has created jewelry that allows women to be more creative, bright, fashionable.

Adelina World is also innovating, using a new way of working with minimalism. Inspired by the geometric shapes of the urban environment, the principles of architectural design can be traced in stylish double rings with natural stones.

The design is considered in conjunction with the female body, adding a special chic that every woman wants.

The collection reflects individuality, combines architecture, geometry, which most favorably emphasizes the style of jewelry. The architectural structures in the collection look amazing. The design is bold and expensive, it allows you to create your own style – it is an architectural jewelry.


Adelina Amlinsky believes that creative jewelry is a great way to express yourself and your preferences, making bold statements and showing your character.

Architectural jewelry uses natural stones  that are most harmoniously combined with architecture: citrine, garnet, green onyx, iolite, blue topaz and moonstone, as a hint of the next cosmic step in the development of the World of Adelina.