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Adelina 1001 Necklace Bases

Smart Modular System

Black Snowflake - Adelina1001, natural stones, necklace, handmade, gemstone

Black Snowflake

€185 EUR
Blue Blizzard - Adelina1001, moonstone, amethyst, black quartz, sapphire, garnet, black pearl, onyx and the winter stone itself, snow obsidian.

Blue Blizzard

€185 EUR
Green Haze - Adelina1001, natural semiprecious stones, silver, citrines, peridot, green onyx, spruce amethyst, tourmaline, apatite and a noble emerald.

Green Haze

€185 EUR

Elements of Smart Modular System


You never echo someone else’s story with Adelina 1001. 

You make up yours

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