You saw this woman in Jaffa. She looked at the sea, as if it’s not the sea, but a dear friend,  a long-awaited tenderness, a meeting after an eternal separation. the strings of aquamarines, her blue eyes, and this sea - allover sparkled with love.

You saw this woman in Milan. She was eating cheese by hands, as if it were the best cheese in the world and the last day of her life. She was drinking wine, laughing  out loud, all over the street, throwing her head back. Red lipstick, black spinel.

You saw this woman in Delhi. She was dancing, she was spinning - silk tassels, gold threads, cardamom and saffron. She seemed to not notice anything around, but passers-by could not take their eyes off her. White sun, in a basket of limes, on the neck of a citrine.

You saw her in the mirror. Strong and beautiful, young heart, wide eyes, easy-going, independent and creative.

Adelina Amlinskaya created Adelina 1001 - a Collection of handmade jewelry made from natural Indian stones.

Created in a mixture of cultures, they embody the ethnicity of large cities and combine the light of the Renaissance with the heady luxury of the East.

This is a 1000 and 1 fairy tale, told by Adeline, through the streets of Tashkent's childhood, cozy evenings in Arezzo, crazy Berlin nights and sunrise over the pink city of Jaipur, for each unique and unforgettable You.