ADELINA offers free shipping on your order of 150EUR or more, after discounts.

We hope to be able to ship to virtually any address in the world, using international courier services and optimizing it continuously. 

After you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the shipping engine, up to 20 days, usually.

Once you place your order, depending on the shipping provider chosen, shipping date will estimates and you will receive a confirmation email to the email address, you provide upon checkout.

By default International orders are Tracked Parcel and Express service is also available for an extra charge of 15EUR.

Additional import, customs, and sales taxes may be added separately in accordance with your state or country's specific requirements. 

Please note we are not responsible for lost untracked packages due to mishandling by shipping agents worldwide. 

Please allow 2-5 extra days for order packing and fulfillment.