Investment Plan

€1.001 EUR

Thank you for you interest to Invest in Adelina 1001!

Together we will make it real success story and make a change in conservative Business models!

Pay 1001€ buying Adelina 1001 Investment Plan, became a supporter of Adelina jewelry brand, enjoy the alliance of independent women!

Becoming an Investor you’ll combine both: pleasure of supporting incredibly strong and brave woman and take active part of Adelina 1001 growth from one side and get yourself great value benefit costs 200€ from other!
At the end of one year you’ll receive a full refund of invested amount and 100% jewelry module Kit discount, value of 200€!

Invest in Adelina, become an ambassador of Adelina 1001 brand, beauty and womanhood!

This item does not come under our return policy. 

Dispatch in 30 days, pre-order now.

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