Jewelry psychology: the character of a woman and her jewelry

Jewelry is not only a great way to emphasize an individual style, but also an opportunity to learn about a person's character, habits, lifestyle and values. Women always strive to beautify themselves, to look more attractive. Nothing can describe the character of a girl like jewelry.

So, colorful jewelry.

A girl who prefers to wear bright jewelry, for example, large hoop earrings, an extravagant bracelets or massive necklaces, active, cheerful and sociable. She is the soul of the company, an extrovert.

Classic jewelry.

Classics are always in fashion. If you prefer  diamond studs, tennis bracelets - you are a supporter of traditional values. You have a classic taste in clothes and jewelry, are reserved in communication.

Vintage jewelry.

Women who love vintage jewelry are nostalgic and they like to be inspired by the past. They prefer unique accessories that have a special history. If you love vintage, then you are an interesting person and love to study history.

Luxury jewelry of famous brands.

If you love branded jewelry, then you are a person who pays great attention to the detail in different aspects of life. You are always ready to work hard to achieve your goals, always want the best.

Minimalistic jewelry.

If you adhere to minimalism in accessories, then you appreciate all the best in life and know how to set priorities correctly. You are thoughtful and responsible, a good conversationalist.

What secrets will your rings, bracelets, and earrings reveal?

Large earrings are chosen by women who are confident and love to be in the center of attention. Stud earrings are chosen by easy-going and active girls. Bracelets are loved by lively, positive people who are used to achieving their goals. Silver jewelry is preferred by creative, romantic, open-minded people. Jewelry with natural stones makes the look extraordinary, it is believed that stones can influence the inner world of a woman. Jewelry made of natural stones is a great way to emphasize your personality, harmoniously complement the outfit and make it more attractive. That is why every girl should have at least a few of jewelry, regardless of what she prefers: rings, earrings, bracelets, beads, chains.