I am Adelina Amlinsky. To get acquainted and to help you understand who I am, it is best for me to tell you about myself and how I arrived at this place in my life. This will include information about my family, my ideas and events which turned me into a true "Explorer", both of people and experiences. 

Sakhalin – Tashkent – Moscow, an artist – an advertiser – an Italian 

My life is East and West, Asia and Europe.

I was born and grew up on Sakhalin island (it is just north of Hokkaido, shaped like a big fish). It was there that I started drawing and made a decision that creativity would be my life’s work.

I entered the Arts School in Tashkent. After the severity of the Pacific Ocean, I instantly relaxed into this sunny environment with its mystical and colourful bazaars, hot streets, and fairytales about noisy Bukhara and luxurious Samarkand.

After Tashkent, the Babylon city of Moscow became my new home – first the 1905 Art School and then the Graduate School of Graphic Design. In the capital I built a career as Art Director in an advertising firm. One would have thought this was where my Great Silk Road was supposed to end; but, believe it or not, I had a literal dream, woke up and went to Tuscany! 

In my life there have been a lot of mystical dreams. I treat them very seriously and respect them for the insight they afford me. They contain prompts, upon which I act and never regret. This is why my family packed all our things and in a few months moved our lives to Italy. There I immediately fell in love with its landscapes with castles, warm sincere people, and simple sun-filled cuisine. After all these years in my Tuscan village, I now truly feel that is where I belong – where I am always welcomed warmly by my neighbours. My heart comes alive there and it is where my youngest daughter Amelie was born - if you want to meet her, Little Ameli is her jewelry brand. 

As you may have already noticed, changing locations whether countries or cities is a completely normal activity for me. It is a matter of a word and a day. How could it be otherwise - my forefathers were from Adai, a proud Kazakh tribe of warriors who once roamed from the Caspian Sea to the Altai mountains? My father comes from there - a vulcanologist, a traveler, a man of unusual destiny. I remember how he brought me gem stones from each expedition: sparkling, iridescent pieces of something unusual, mystical. It was thanks to those daddy's gifts that I began to understand from early childhood the properties and purposes of various minerals and stones. It was thanks to them that I created my own jewelry brand, Adelina. 

The next stop on my journey - the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, is where my designer jewelry production is located. It so happened that I, like many others, came here to find myself, and found even more: a new application for my abilities! After all, jewelry manufacturing in India is another mystical story! Jaipur craftsmen have been improving their jewelry art since the 15th century, creating jewelry for the Maharajas. And now I am lucky to work with them too! 

Business, Berlin, Chocolate and Contemporary Art 

My second home of course is Berlin, the creative city-commune, the most eclectic and cosmopolitan European capital. The building in which I live was once a chocolate factory. Its walls were originally saturated with the scents of vanilla, butter, cocoa and spices. The house itself has absorbed not just confectionery aromas, but also the special magic of creativity and coziness. Here, according to my own design, I created a space in which it is not only comfortable for me and my children to live, but also to hold events, exhibitions, «Smart Dinner» art dinners and to create our own worlds. 

One such world is Smart Forum Women, a forum for women that I have been hosting in Berlin since 2015. At the forum speakers from different countries share their experience, helping participants to create and develop their own successful brands. 

Over the years, the forum has taken on a life of its own and a unique community has grown up around it, where women exchange ideas and services, promote and market to each other.  It is an event where joint projects are being born. An example of this is our collaboration with perfumer Maria Borisova and her Selection Excellence to create a line of scents for the Adelina brand. 

Expanding Horizons for Myself and Friends 

If I got the qualities of a "seeker" from my dad, my mother, the-artist, passed on to me the ability to see and create beauty. She herself is from a large and friendly Cossack family, from a noisy and welcoming house. Joint dinners, guests, songs, friendly gatherings - all these are the sweetest memories of my childhood. Hence I have the knack to make a cosy home, wherever fate has thrown me, to value and maintain friendly communication, to gather like-minded people together. My confidence and scope stems from the love and support of my large family. 

If I feel cramped in a space, I just "push it open" (or open it up). I expand the horizons for those who are with me. I am not afraid of obstacles, on the contrary, I even become energized from overcoming myself and adverse circumstances. Homeschooling three children? - Great, I am on it. A cookbook? – OK, I have started writing it. I just love creating opportunities for myself and for you, my friends. I like to watch how you then realize your bold plans, work on yourself while earning, and how you improve and grow. All of my projects I create for enthusiastic women like myself. I sincerely believe: the future belongs to us, we have new methods of doing business and we have love. 

Love. Courage. Support. - how else? 

Adelina Amlinsky