Green Queen Earrings

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Natural stones, silver, handmade high quality

Handmade earrings made from 925 sterling silver and carefully selected natural stones, hand-picked with love in India. The design is elegant, flawless, has an intricate pattern and color depth. Luxurious style and royal beauty of earrings make them a versatile and most valuable gift. This pair of earrings accentuates your outfit and skin color with its vibrant and deep richness.

Green onyx is a stone of energy and inspiration, has a number of interesting magical and healing properties and features. Onyx of a green hue makes its owner more confident in himself and his abilities. With the help of a stone, you can reveal the talent of oratory, the ability to beautifully express your thoughts. Smoky Quartz is a beautiful natural stone with unique hues ranging from subtle smoky to dark brown, suitable for all creative activities. Smoky quartz is a mineral of calmness and harmony, therefore it is often used during meditation in order to find nirvana, to enter a deep meditative state. He is able to calm down overly emotional and expressive people, neutralize anger, envy, irritability, relieve stress and get rid of jealousy and aggression.

Be the queen of your style with green onyx and smoky quartz  earrings. Two natural magic stones shine with bright hues, creating a royal atmosphere. These earrings with real stones will be your next piece of jewelry.

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